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The Reasons We Protest

The numbers are still rolling in from the April 15 Tax Day Protest. It appears very possible that a MILLION patriotic Americans took to the streets to voice their opposition to the government.  However, the main stream media predictably ignored or viciously attacked those of us who have decided to take a stand and make our voices heard.  They grossly misrepresented our grievances to their audience, many of whom are simply ignorant of what is really happening in our country right now.

Why Did You Protest?Since the first week President Obama took office, he and the liberal Democrats have moved their radical agenda for CHANGE forward. There are many specific reasons why many thinking Americans believe these decisions are bad for America’s future.  We are in a war of ideologies and contrasting worldviews.  Demonizing Obama, Pelosi, Reed, Frank, et all, is not going to win over the hearts of those who are still blaming conservatives for the mess our country is in.  It is important to intelligently argue ideas, point out the logical reasons why their policies are bad for our country, and present real solutions.

I wanted to provide a spot on this website for this express purpose.  I’d like to invite you to present specific offending actions the government has taken, logical reasons why this action is bad for America, and what you think is a better solution. I’d like this list to be logical, refined, polite, and issue powerfully arguments for change in the next elections.  I will only approve comments that meet this criteria.  All others will be deleted, so don’t waste your time with personal attacks that only serve to arm the liberals who seek to discredit us in the eyes of the sheeple uniformed people who are still drinking the koolaide getting their news from MSNBC.

So, fellow patriots?  What were you really protesting last Wednesday?  Let’s hear from you!

Until the madness stops,

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  1. dbear permalink
    April 18, 2009 7:17 am

    Specific Action: The government has wandered far away from the Constitution (the definition of which is “framework,” “make up” or “that which is constituted”) and from the motivating principles espoused by our Founding Fathers. Especially their love of personal liberty and belief in personal responsibility.

    Why It’s Bad: It ignores the fact that the US transformed from 13 pipsqueak, renegade Colonies into the largest, most well-accepted empire this planet has ever seen in the space of a mere 150 years. And achieved that growth without wars of conquest. This is still unique in history. It was that Constitution embodying those beliefs which united a people who could bring about such a creation.

    A Better Solution: Strip the government back to it’s Constitutional structure. (Yes, I mean get rid of almost all of it.) Talk to Dr. Ron Paul, he’s got the idea.

  2. April 18, 2009 12:49 pm

    Why I protested: Local Taxes, State Taxes, Personal Taxes, coming Global Taxes. (There is nothing preventing illegal aliens from getting the tax credit as well… )
    There truly is no tax cut. Utilities, food, medications, gas, rent will be going up. These increases will directly affect ALL Americans for many years to come.
    In the mean time, Obama has refused to increase funds for those on fixed incomes, while increasing welfare for illegals.
    Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants: Medicaid Costs Will Increase by $3.2 Billion ( this is JUST ONE STATE)
    One more point: Where is the 2 Trillion the Federal Reserve refuses to disclose?
    Obama and Chairman Ben Bernanke are such tight friends, and I hate the fact that Obama does not Demand to know where the money went!

    The vanished 2 trillion stimulus money does NOT belong to Obama, nor does it belong to this Privately Held Federal Reserve! Where is the money Obama?

  3. April 20, 2009 4:42 am

    Because the one thing BHO was right about is that it IS time for a change! Time to get rid of EVERY incumbent and start over, even those who have been friendly to the taxpayer. It’s just time to start anew. I’m ready to march to Washington, would prefer to ride a bus, but whatever it takes. It’s my money and I am tired of having it taken away for inefficient programs that do not work. I was there to be counted!

  4. April 21, 2009 4:19 am

    I protested because I am tired of the federal government intervening on state affairs. I’m tired of spending, tired of being overly taxed, and tired of overregulation.

    I’ve been tired of this for years, and have said so. It’s come to a crisis point now, however.

  5. Frank Canzolino permalink
    April 21, 2009 4:32 am

    I protested because Obama and the Democrats are directly attacking my FREEDOM.

  6. April 21, 2009 4:53 am

    I organized the Tea Parties in Tulsa, OK. The first one on Feb 27, and the three locations we had on April 15. The best answer I can give to why I protested, can be found at If you are intersted in reading it, please go there. It is too long to post here!

    Jai Blevins

  7. markokie permalink
    April 21, 2009 5:06 am

    It doesn’t take any deep profound thought or explanations to explain this to our Liberal friends. If your family was broke and trying to survive, would you fix the problem by borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars from loansharks ( ie China, Russia, etc. ) and then purposely devalue the little cash that you have saved ( ie printing enough money to triple the currency ) and then give away thousands to the disinterested people down the block who refuse to help themselves, let alone anyone else ( ie European countries, Mexico, India, and on and on ), while your family who is already 40% on government welfare starves to death? I think not. The whole idea of the “change” that was promised was to put responsibility back into Government, not to systematically dismantle our republic and bankrupt ourselves. Wake the hell up, people!

  8. April 21, 2009 7:10 am

    I want to preface this by stating how happy I am to see someone call for intelligent discourse, but I don’t think it’s necessary to use phrases like “sheeple” and “koolaide,” that’s not going to win over hearts and minds either.

    With that out of the way, let’s move forward in the interest of unity.

    dbear – Ron Paul has some good ideas, but I don’t think an 18th century plan in a 21st century world is going to cut it. Like it or not, we are a global economy and that will never change now that we are connected to the world 24/7. The founding fathers, in all their wisdom, could’ve never dreamed of something like the internet and instant communication. Trying to apply a 222 year old document as a strict guideline for economic policy simply will not work. I agree that government is too big, but rarely do you hear what should be cut and how it will not adversely affect the nation to lose it.

    rhondaParsons – you’re protesting all taxes, what do you propose instead? Nobody likes taxes and no one ordinary citizen will ever argue against having their taxes lowered, but eliminated? I don’t see how that is a viable option rather than wishful thinking.

    JeffBowe – who do we replace them with? More politicians? Then force them out? What you’re proposing would lead vicious cycle where nothing ever gets done. Government is already inefficient as it is with all the partisan battles, red tape, bureaucrats, etc., I don’t think adding in a revolving door will help.

    MJSamuelson – sometimes the government needs to intervene on state affairs, especially when it comes to social justice and equality. And if states don’t want federal interference, they need to stop accepting so much federal money. Many states get back far more than they put in, so what about those states? What spending do you propose we cut? As for overregulation… deregulation is the major reason we got into this economic mess. I know it’s unfortunate for conservatives to hear, but repealing the Glass-Steagall Act was one of the main contributors to our economic meltdown. Unless you want the free market to eat itself, regulation is in order.

    First and foremost, we need to get out of this economic hole. Following that, we need sweeping overhauls of the federal government. Primarily, the elimination of corporate lobbyists and special interests, who do far more damage to our government than Republicans and Democrats combined.

    Secondly, we need to reform our health care system – right now we’re stuffing gauze in an open wound that needs major surgery. We pay more in taxes to cover health care costs than any other country on the planet, yet we’re the only modern nation without some kind of health care system.

    Third, and I know people can’t bear the idea of it, but we need to cut military spending; America spends more on its military than the next 50 countries combined.

    Fourth, we have to get our energy situation under control; we cannot afford to keep dealing with the unstable middle east for a finite resource. We must tap into our own oil reserves and begin investing in alternative energies: wind, solar, biodiesel, and perhaps even nuclear.

    Finally, we have to address our crumbling infrastructure: roads, bridges, electrical grids, broadband access, communications, etc. Far too long our government has let our nation fall apart while China is nipping at our heels. We cannot afford to become a relic while other nations overtake us in everything we used to be the best at.

  9. John Twocrows permalink
    April 22, 2009 12:22 am

    I protested to try to stem the growing trend toward Socialism and uncontrolled spending afoot in Washington today things keep getting worse with each administration, without protest it will never stop

  10. K E Smith permalink
    April 22, 2009 4:38 am

    In order for us to affect the change supported by the folks I spoke with at the Tea Party in my town – liberal and conservative – I think the nature of the conversation has to change.

    The issues we face are bigger than liberal or conservative. They are bigger than the next election.

    The truth about what we face is that our institutions no longer serve the people of our nation. They do not work the way they were designed to function. They have been co-opted by those inside the system – liberal and conservative – who understand how they work. They use this knowledge to enrich themselves and their friends on the backs of hardworking Americans. Putting new people into a broken system is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    Not only do those whom we elect to represent us ignore us, but they have become powerless, too.

    This became evident to me in September, when the groups of congressmen and senators emerged from their meetings with Treasury and Fed staff with all the blood drained from their faces, looking as white as sheets. They had been completely brainwashed into believing that unless they voted in favor of whatever Treasury recommended – the bailouts – our country would implode.

    The bailouts didn’t work like Treasury insisted they must, but our country didn’t implode.

    Now Treasury isn’t even attempting to get congressional approval to do what they want anymore – they know they won’t get it. But it is not stopping them from doing what they want. They’re taking a page from the Nike playbook – they are just doing it. As I write this they are taking over our banking system and running the printing presses 24/7.

    The way the system is operating now we have no voice. Since we have no voice, I think our best chance of getting our voices heard is thru the voices of our children.

    (Stay with me here…)

    This is what I mean when I say the nature of the conversation has to change.

    I think children talking to those who have the ability to affect change will be the most effective way to bring about the change we seek.

    Debating the issues is just more of the same.

    Marching on Washington will get people’s attention, and I think huge numbers of people protesting peacefully will be a huge wake up call. I think it is a good idea.

    But its impact on those who have to ability to affect change will not be what we want. They will not act. It will just scare them. This is what we are all witnessing with the crazy Homeland Security report that came out saying that our veterans were among the most dangerous threats for domestic terror.

    They are really afraid of us. They are afraid of The Mob.

    When people are in fear they are afraid to act. They are afraid that anything they do will antagonize the object of their fear.

    We don’t need to scare them any more. We need to get them to act.

    If we can associate the Tea Party movement with the future of our children, I think they will be motivated to act. They will not be threatened by a message from children.

    We have to appeal to their sense of fairness, to their sense of justice. I believe the best way to do this is thru a video series highlighting children, and the impact of what our leaders are doing now on the future of the children of America.

    It needs to be personal.

    Children of all races – ages 11 to 16ish – speaking directly to the camera, talking to those who are at the top of the legislative, judicial, and executive heaps – President Obama, Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Paul Volcker, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John Roberts – talking about how the decisions they are making today will impact the future of the America’s youth.

    It is very important to have children of all races. Our opposition is already attempting to turn the Tea Party movement into a racial issue.

    For specific messages, just think about the stories your grandparents and great grandparents told about their lives during the depression, how hard their lives were. Here are some ideas.

    – How they will have to drop out of school in order to support their families, who if their parents are working at all, will be earning salaries that consist of inflated money that won’t buy much. I see a child who is on track to be their first person in his/her family to go to college, but now has to work.

    – How families will be separated because parents will have to move in order to earn a living. I see a child talking about how his/her dad entered our country legally, sent money home to his family, the family moved here legally, and now the family is facing the prospect of dad being far away again in order to support the family.

    – How sad they are that our leaders did not listen to their parents when they urged them to vote against the 2 bailouts. I see a child talking about how he/she learned in school about representative government, and how the government no longer represents us, and how when he/she reaches voting age his/her vote will mean nothing.

    – How they want equality of opportunity, not outcome. I see a child wanting to pursue his/her dreams, but his/her dreams will die because of a prolongated worldwide recession/depression.

    – How our constitution was established to secure the blessings of Liberty, but the blessings are no longer available. I see a child talking about how he/she is not free if the money he/she earns in pursuit of the American dream is eaten up by inflation.

    – How the Boston Tea Party was a protest against taxation without representation, and how we are all experiencing the establishment of a stealth tax by the Fed in the form of an inflated currency. I see a child talking about how a stealth tax is taxation without representation.

    I am just talking off the top of my head. I am sure there are many, many creative folks who are part of our movement who can craft very compelling and very effective messages.

    As long as adults continue to make points and counterpoints, nothing will change. The pendulum will continue to swing. In the words of Heidi Klum, one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.

    I don’t want my “side” to get in. I want to see real change in the way our institutions function. The folks I talked to at the Tea Party in my town want the same thing. Many of them voted for President Obama thinking that’s what we would get.

    I think if we craft a compelling message in the form of a series of videos from the point of view of children, make them available on the net and on TV, and blanket our nation with this message, it is the best way to get those in power – who are now not influenced at all by voters, and are afraid of an angry populace – to move in the direction that I think reaches the heart of the Tea Party movement.

    I was recently involved in a similar effort in my home state – an effort that succeeded.

    A huge entrenched bureaucracy had instituted a policy that limited the educational options of children. Because of how power has been granted to it by our state constitution, it has unilateral authority to do whatever it wants, and is not subject to political pressure or legislative authority.

    Our effort to change the policy succeeded. We were able to communicate in a very personal way to those who have the power to change the policy about how it impacted the lives of individual children.

    I think if we can put the faces of individual children on the issue of our institutions functioning in the way in which they were designed to function, we have the best chance of success.

    • teaparty09 permalink*
      April 22, 2009 12:53 pm

      K E Smith – This is very good. As stated on this blog, I’m in this for the children. I believe your ideas above are brilliant and should be pursued. “They” have gone after the children and have been largely successful through media and education in promoting their ideas. If we can educate the children about economic realities perhaps their own voices will be heard and they will not make the same mistakes our generation have made.

      The challenges are great because we live in an age of selfishness. If we were honest I think we’d have to admit that many people took to the streets in outrage only when THEIR jobs and paychecks were affected. We need much more compassion in our country. We need to pull together and help one another without becoming socialists. Teach responsible capitalism that isn’t merely the unbridled pursuit of wealth and power. Some of what we are facing today is a backlash against heartless capitalism where greed and lust has gone unchecked.

      Let’s be honest enough to admit our own faults and failures as a society and restore the foundations of good stewardship and personal responsibility. Let’s acknowledge and eradicate any spirit of entitlement in our own hearts and teach our children to be good citizens and good neighbors. Let’s avoid the name-calling and hate mongering that serves only to divide us as a nation. We must have enough consensus to make a difference.

      This battle must be fought not only in the area of ideas and philosophies, but it is also a battle of the heart.

      “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams, October 11, 1798

    • markokie permalink
      April 27, 2009 5:32 am

      While you have very noble intentions with your idea of hitting them in the heartstrings, you have forgotten the most important reason that we are where we are. The politicians are controlled ONLY by how much money lobbyists throw there direction. For instance, carbon credits are not about anything environmental, they are about MONEY. If you think that there is one person in Washington DC that still truly cares about our children, I would love to know who he or she is. The bank bailouts were a way to filter out billions of dollars to key individuals and even foreign entities. It was all about putting money in someone’s pocket, not saving the economy. Congress is not at all interested in divulging where it went, because they already know where it went. If it were only as easy as helping these poor kind hearted souls know that they are destroying our kids future, so that they would see the error of their ways and reverse their course, it would have been fixed long ago. It was not lack of regulation that wrecked our economy. It was lack of ENFORCEMENT of existing regulations, along with the creation of derivatives and bogus financial instruments during the Clinton administration ( passed by Republicans as well ) that wrecked our economy. These people in Congress are surely not afraid of us. They laugh at our gullibility and naive acceptance of their endless propaganda. We have to get these people out, outlaw lobbying altogether, and start over.

  11. Teresa Price permalink
    April 23, 2009 1:34 am

    It can be said, those of us who have lived and whom are still young trailed no places for which man could not go. With our banners waving high, we leave no explanation for our adventures, except we were filled with youth and it’s excitement. From the radical sixties into this century, our generation has provided the energy, the knowledge and the ability which has enabled modern society to be lazily irresponsible and though better educated, ignorant. So few
    of modern society have captured my generations’ ideals and purpose. To those few, I am grateful and wish the best on their endeavors.
    The last forty years have redefined religion, politics, marriage, education, environment and prosperity. Forsaken history for suddenness and in doing so forsake the pursuit of liberty, freedom and happiness. Modern society has no reflective thoughts, leaving history only to scholars and teachers. These changes our founding fathers could have never imagined. Though these changes have value, history has a greater value. For it is from history changes arise.
    Modern society understands change, while neglecting history. Video games and alike is what this society comprehends, propelling the present social cycle. There is less regard for money spent, less regard for where the money comes, less regard for true governance, less regard for our freedom and less regard for our liberties. Liberties gained by fight and death by great men who’s actions need no apology. These lessens have bared no imagination, just ambiguous dreams and lessened ambitions.
    It is with this thinking and eying of our society that I attended the Zanesville Tea Party. Only to be labeled a radical, an extremist and racist the next day. The media didn’t report on our true rally cry, taxes was their headlines. When in truth, the tea parties represented the cry for reform. We defended the parents working to keep their home, land and enterprise so they may pass it to their children not the government. The Obama Administration is raising the inheritance tax to 46%. We challenged the abuse of welfare fraud and corporate fraud. We challenged the 42% getting government assistance. Government assistance should aide our disabled, our children and our elderly. There is no town that lacks a person able to work who won’t work, who prefers government assistance. Imagine the care we could give those who are truly disabled if those moneys were used properly. Imagine what the savings could afford for our children. Reform is the politics to rid our country of such abuse. These abuses are partly to blame for the expansion of government. An expansion keeping poverty high, schools broken and health care unaffordable. This expansion is partially to blame for the present economic crisis.
    Government is why an African American can label a white American racist easily and readily, whether true or not. Yet white America cannot label other ethnic groups racist. Most Americans, except white Americans, can march and congregate with the government supporting as though it is in our best interest as a nation and people. Yet a mostly white American rally is considered radicalism and a racist movement. This in accordance to our government and the liberal media and was branded so by the Obama Administration. I did not attend the rally to challenge African Americans, I attended the rally to demand reform from a government to big, to corporate, to corrupt, to prejudice, to powerful and to expensive.
    Who am I to spout the notion of real equality, real dreams and real government for the people, by the people and with the people? I rallied against the Iraq war in 2003, I have worked at jobs women have never done, championing equal work and pay, I am a breast cancer survivor, I am a recovering substance abuser and I survived Al Gore being cheated out of the presidency. Yet I am a radical, a racist. The people choosing these words do not know me nor my character. Reverend Martin Luther king Jr once said, “…Not be judged by the color of their skin, but the contents of their character.” The modern social climate shows history has no worthiness, if it did, his words would be boldly echoed.
    My frustration I do not feel alone, there are millions who share this frustration. Can you not feel grief for the dying Americans? Yes dying Americans, Americans who rose above the colors of our skin, Americans who work honestly to provide for their families in attempts to keep what little they have, Americans saddled with big government’s debt. I think of the chosen words Malcolm X used to describe governments’ shackles, “You did not land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on you.” These chosen words have never been more true. When the past is merely taught and nothing more, it means a new history takes it place. The history we are making, is it what we want the future generations to be taught? On July fourth, the Tea Parties will rally again. Our message isn’t just about taxes, it’s about the riddance of bad government the riddance of abuses both corporate and welfare, the riddance of polarizing leaders, the riddance of more taxes whether they be local, state or federal and democracy’s ascension. Come join the party on July fourth.

  12. Dr. Brian Zerr permalink
    July 23, 2009 3:21 am

    From Dr. Brian Zerr, Direct descendant of Josiah Bartlett, second signer of the “Declaration of Independence”

    An Open Letter To All Fellow Patriots,

    I would like to start by commending all the organizers and attendees of all the Tea Party demonstrations across the country in the past months. I was amazed at the level of knowledge and concerns my fellow Americans had voiced so eloquently. After great review of the media coverage I have now come to the following conclusions:

    1) The message is becoming lost in translation.
    2) The concerns of the citizens of the United States of America are no longer just taxation without representation, but it’s about the government’s violations of the core interpretation of the Bill of Rights and the other parts of the constitution.
    3) The government sees the protests, it even behind closed doors, as a mild concern ay best.
    4) The movement is becoming haphazard.
    5) That our representatives are no longer listening to their constituents and are following a socialistic revisionist agenda that transforms our country into a frail country to fit a global authority.

    In the beginning, the Tea Parties were for the most part, spawned by over taxation due to the TARP, Omnibus Bill, massive National Budget, Stimulus Bill, and now Healthcare Reform and Cap and Trade (Energy) bills which all will throw our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren down a well of budget shortfalls and interest payments that will never be paid off. This will complete the government’s plan to create a subservient people controlled at all levels of bureaucracy.

    With healthcare alone, there will be a 52% tax rate without any state and local considerations calculated in. However, there is more involved. Privacy and choice are no longer guaranteed under this government-run national healthcare system by the constitution. Our health history WILL be used for or against us through faceless committees to determine our treatment, its cost and our value to society. If the cost is more than our worth, we are gone. This is happening now in other countries with government control. A few examples would be: Sweden, Britain, Canada, France, and others. The government has not considered the impact in which research of the extensive history in the healthcare systems of the world would reveal the misery and suffering that their citizens have undergone due to a corrupt agenda.

    A second stimulus bill is being talked about before the first has even been 10% spent. Our leaders have gone insane with power and the spending of our money resulting in a web spun around all of us, sucking out our very essence.

    This is just the tip of what really is going on in Washington D.C. Not mentioning the underhanded dealings, trading and money that are pasted under the radar to our representatives in favor for special treatment for lobbying groups representing radical organizations and major corporations. The past military-industrial complex has now grown into a monster that today, has been represented by our government and banking systems all holding their bowl and asking for more. All that are aforementioned are conjoined with the plans for the further enslavement of the taxpayer.

    A “Hate Crime” bill is being debated under the cloak of too much “busy work” that will bury the First Amendment. If one were to say anything against any particular person or group that can be construed as hateful will define hate under this law?

    There are statutes of laws and bills not designed to restrict the owning of a firearm, but to eliminate its use. Restrictions defined to limit the possession and purchasing of ammunition are in our future. Serializing ammo and taxing the cost of firearms to further put the affordability out of reach. Arming oneself and using deadly force to defend you, your family and/or property will be a felony under proposed laws and interpretations.

    The very Second Amendment we want to preserve is used against us as the government has armed IRS agents and soon the agents of the EPA. The army has already been put on alert against us in case of revolt. The government has the audacity to use our children, friends, family and neighbors is uniform against anyone who gets out of the line to receive the chains they have forged for us.

    Our freedoms, as few that remain, are targeted for total annihilation by revision extremists within our government and supported for election by powerful activists and corporations. This is power and greed by true despots. Even now, the average American doesn’t realize the reality in the regaining of our freedoms. The government has infiltrated the core of America through lies, more lies, and statistics that are demonizing our very culture and souls. They have driven the virtuous into hiding with intimidation and overwhelming “Busy Work”. They have trampled on the Constitution and the flag. They have stolen our money and used it for their own agendas. They have brainwashed us and controlled our education system from K-12 all the way into each and every corner of higher education. They have used their positions of power to silence us into submission.

    They have underestimated the American spirit. The same spirit that fueled our Founding Fathers still shines within us all. They have miscalculated the virtuous people that have been silent too long. We now see their corruption. We now hear their deceit. We no longer believe their lies. We will no longer tolerate their attempts to allay our concerns by throwing us a meatless bone while the business in Washington D.C. remains the same.

    We want our country back, the country that our forefathers had designed for us. The freedoms we were guaranteed under the Constitution. The country that over 3.5 million people died and many millions more fought for. We want them out of our homes. We want them to stop trying to be our children’s parents for we can due a better job rearing them without their interference. We will dictate what is right or wrong, what is moral or immoral for our culture and society, not them.

    They will return to us, the control of our government to its rightful place, “We The People!”

    Our demands should be as follows:

    Restore the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights as it was written and interpreted by our forefathers.

    Bring forth real transparency of government. Transparency does not mean invisible. The people and congress will read all bills in the final form for debate with our elected officials before a vote can be ratified.

    Halt spending the remaining Stimulus money now!

    Cease the spending, which has been out of control for far too long. Take a long breath and take time to think things through. Represent The People with town meetings, polling and vote their demands NOT that of the special interests or personal wishes. The government does not know what is best for the people. We the People do.

    Stop socialized total government controlled healthcare.

    Stop the Cap and Tax Energy Bill.

    Stop hate crime legislation. All crime is hateful. We do not need uneven application of the law.

    Return corporations and banks to the private sector.

    The Federal Reserve is to be abolished as a separate entity and put under control of the people’s government for reason of independent audit to be publicly published. This would require abolishing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

    The abolishment of the IRS in favor of a fair flat tax or consumption tax not to grow larger than the cost of living.

    All non-military, non-FBI, non-BATF, non-DEA, non-Boarder Guard, non-INS or non-CIA government personnel must be disarmed.

    Secure our borders and deny all illegal immigrants jobs and benefits.

    Let the Grand Jury indictments be heard on Barack Obama for fraud and treason.

    Investigate all members of government past and present before a Grand Jury, for ethics and corruption violations against the U.S. Constitution including acts of treason.

    In Closing,

    There is much more we can demand. It is a moot point to go further at this time. I would like to leave all of us these thoughts to ponder.

    We should combine all the local and regional efforts to create a national headquarters to show better numbers and organize the effort to have a larger impact.

    We should collectively create by commission by elected means a document listing out our “Declaration of Restoring The Republic to the People” to be sent to all media and government outlets. This way there will be a clear and concise list of violations and demands.


    Our great country was founded by wise, intellectual and virtuous men that created a way to maintain a free people that is unparalleled in the world 233 years later. Freedom of choice, freedom to defend, freedom to own property, freedom to be free of illegal search and seizure, freedom to speak our mind in public, the freedom to maintain our privacy and more. Intellectual people in our government, without virtue or conscience are destroying these freedoms. This will lead to the end of this great experiment in freedom forever.

    Yours in truth and freedom,

    Dr. Brian Zerr
    Sons and Daughters of Liberty

  13. Rodriguez permalink
    July 24, 2009 3:16 am

    You are talking about old ideas for modern time….remember Socialism has been alive a long time. We became a superpower with the Constitution where we have failed it by letting these Politicians calling themselves AMERICANS gnaw at our Constitution little by little over the years. Our Constitution as written (not rewritten and misinterpeted by these idiots) has proven to be successful. Socialism no matter how you call it has never succeeded. Globalism is just another word for Socialism except that it is not to be concentrated on just one Country but rather World wide with a few very rich INDIVIDUALS pulling the strings. Do not bite into this idea that Obama’s ideas are anything but old ideas that have come from such people as Chavez, Castro and among many others HITLER! Remember Hitler?….According to him he did not want to take over Banks, Schools etc, etc while the whole time he was doing it. DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR? Obama passed a stimulous bill where most of the money went our of our Country but his “TRANSPARENCY” DOES NOT LET US KNOW WHERE IT WENT. He goes to Saudi bends to the King, accepts a gold necklace which is only given to Muslims, turns a deaf ear to Iranian people fighting and dying for freedom, backs a leader who is trying to get rid of Democracy in his Country, is Chavey and Castro’s admirer, goes around the world putting our Country down, breaks our Sovernty Constitutional laws by insisting (as Bush and other corrupt Republicans and Democrats) in rewarding Illegals by Amnesty, 60 million not 20 million even though this is one of the greatest thing that is pulling us down with the list following such as jobs going out, corruption-corruption-corruption! Do not buy this corrupted Politicians that these are new ideas, they are new names to old failed ideas. What to do? First let’s us the people give back our AMERICAN History to our children…NOW1 Let’s come together as Americans and not color or creed for divided we fall united we are a power! lET’S COME TOGETHER AND AGREE TO DISAGREE BUT NOT TO BE CONQUERED AS A COUNTRY. While our soldiers are fighting for the freedom of others we are losing ours. Our soldiers do not all think alike but they without knowing have agreed to diagree but stay Americans. We as a Country have made our mistakes but unlike most Countries have developed a conscience and try to make amends sometimes going to far and sometimes not enough but we try. The modern day division within our Country has been by some Politicians (Obama being the biggest) with self-interest purpose and we have fallen for it! All in all Obama’s ideas are not new they are given other names but all in all it OLD SOCIALISM. IT IS TIME WE REMEMBER OUR ANCESTORS AND GROW A SPINE AND LISTEN TO ALL THESE “PAUL REVERES” CRIES AND STAND UP AND BE HEARD. REMEMBER OBAMA AS WELL AS BUSH AND OTHERS HAVE LEARNED TO IGNORE US AND DO AS THEY PLEASE FOR THEY FIGURE IN TIME WE’LL JUST ACCEPT HIS MAJESTY’S ACTIONS……….DO NOT LET HIM AND THE OTHER MORONS GET AWAY WITH THIS, DO NOT LET HIM TURN YOUR ATTENTION TO SOMETHING ELSE WHILE HE SELLS OUR COUNTRY OUT, IF NOT FOR YOU THEN FOR YOUR CHILDREN AND CHILDREN’S CHILDREN. I AM NATIVE AMERICAN WITH A CHILD HALF MEXICAN1 Remember what looks, walks and quacks as a Duck…IS A DUCK111

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